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A rant, a glitch and a VERY full household
★★★★ Novice

A Rant:

I absolutely love The Sims Mobile. But lately there have been so many changes to The Sims Mobile I am not happy about at all; the Llama Zoom tasks, paying for colors (*cry*) and all the rare heirlooms I can't/can no longer get (event-based or not). I have been playing the game since day one (US launch), I'm in my 27th generation of sims (totaling 101 sims), have retired 79 sims, made it to level 50, maxed out my lifestyle score and only have 4 plots of land left to build. YET... I still haven't gotten the original "Play it Again, Sim" piano heirloom. How is that even possible? My only option now is to buy it, but it doesn't even show up IN THE STORE. I've been sitting on a bunch of Sim Cash for weeks waiting for it to roll around, and it still hasn't. It's extremely irritating. But what's more irritating is when I am awarded the same five heirlooms every time I retire a sim. I'm not going to stop playing The Sims Mobile, because I've been addicted to everything Sims-related since The Sims was first released in 2000, but I just wish The Sims Mobile team would stop making the game feel so money-oriented. I spend enough money on The Sims franchise as it is, and I feel like they're trying to squeeze even more out of me. It's less fun when you're constantly thinking about money, that's all.


A Funny Glitch: 

I just wanted to share this because I thought it was the best harmless glitch I've experienced in the game so far. When one of my sims was having her adult birthday, she turned into a mannequin. A mannequin! Well, really an undeveloped sim. Then she turned into a normal sim just the other day, and ended up looking completely different than her mannequin self. Has this happened to anyone else? It just made me giggle, so I took some before-and-after screenshots for proof.


A Full House: 

I wanted to try this for a couple months, but I wasn't being patient enough to see it through until now. I wanted to see how many babies the game would let you have before the household was truly maxed out. The answer is eight (8) children. You can have up to eight children in a household with four playable sims (and no retired sims) before it tells you you're out of space. So right now I have 12 sims in my house and it is actual chaos. Every where I turn there are sims. They don't even fit in the household picture frame anymore. At least three sims will start doing push ups at the same time, the bathrooms and bedrooms are always crowded (which makes it difficult to replenish energy when I have to make them all leave) and there is constant chattering with the sound on. I wouldn't NOT recommend trying it, but just know that, at some point, all your sim kids will age into adults and they'll congregate in your kitchen for no reason at all. 


I am going to retire my four main sims after the Winter Warm-up event and see if I can make more children without kicking out any sims. I'm assuming it probably won't work. But hey, you have to get creative to keep the game interesting, right?

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