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[Xbox] Anthem Outpost (COUF) Looking for Fun, Chill, Helpful Players
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★★★ Guide

To all Freelancers on Xbox, and the Coalition of United Freelancers Discord are your resources for everything Anthem.


We are not a Guild.  We are a Family of Guilds and Solo Players alike.  Everyone is welcome, as long as you are a decent person.  In other words, you won't run into any grumpy ol' trolls.


Find a fireteam.


Discuss Anthem and everything about it.


Meet other like-minded Pilots.


Get information on Javelin builds.


Learn about your enemies, as well as your friends at the Fort.


Weapon data, Gear data, Game data.


Check it out.  You won't be disappointed.

Make Anthem as amazing as it can be for you and your team. 


Come be part of a growing community of mature, fun, positive Anthem players.

Who Me Too'd this topic