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[PC] Battlefield V Mouse lags / freezes /slow downs
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The problem is basically what the title implies.

The ways that i tried to "fix" my issues were:
- Washing my Mouse mat  and buying a new Mouse (G502). (Nothing)
- Installing my Mouse drivers and re installing them. (Nothing)
- Tried removing one Core out of my 8 cores to give some breathing space for my mouse and let it use more resources (the 8th core in particular) (some little improvement, but almost nothing)
- Get a SSD to see if that fixed my issue. (Helped just a little bit)

Side notes:
 = I already have origin in-game overlay disabled.
 = I cant use DX 11 because the games runs so bad on it that im basically forced to use DX 12. (DX 12 runs from 15% to 35% better for my current Build)
 = Hammada is where i usually get this problem more often.
 = I usually have some programs open (Discord, Steam, Origin and Razer Game Booster)
 = Already check if the issue was related to my mouse (thinking that it was a bad mouse) and the mouse works fine on a lot of games (even tried to use BF4 as a comparison and i didn't had any single issue whit my mouse.
 = I know that My rig is more than capable to run this game because my Cpu is Well above the recommended and my Gpu is the recommended one.


DxDiag Log:

Diagnostic video:

Who Me Too'd this topic