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Guild Lead Given Away
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Recently I logged into SWTOR after the patch excited to get our guild going on a flagship we had been working towards only to find out that, MY FREAKING GUILD LEADER POSITION had been given to another player who has not logged in for 6 months! I have been waiting patiently these 5-6 days and have still not heard back from CSR. I'm trying to figure out why this happened and what are they going to do about it? I am an active player and I log in DAILY. It's a guild I started so I do not understand as to why SWTOR would just up and give my position away to another player? I need this resolved because we cannot move forward without me getting my position back. I've tried to reach the other player via our discord only to see that he's 1. not apart of our player community any more and 2. I'm not able to add him as a friend.

Is there anyone who could give me some much needed guidance on what to do?


Who Me Too'd this topic