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TSR Lots Not Showing up in Gallery
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Hello, I know threads similar to this may already exist, but I'm hoping to get some assistance with this issue since prior suggestions have not helped.


Any third-party Lot that I download from TSR and put into the game never shows up in my Gallery.


1. I have checked the CC box in the Advanced tab.

2. I have checked to make sure the appropriate number of Tray items for the Lot are in the Tray folder, and are NOT in a sub-folder.

3. I've tried repairing the game files via Origin.

4. I've removed all my Mods.

5. I'm playing on a Windows PC, and do not have iCloud/Dropbox/anything like that interfering with my Documents folder.


After doing all of that, the Lot still did not show up. Is it something else or am I just not able to have custom lots in the game? It used to work, which led me to believe that it could have been a bad piece of CC, but I removed everything from my Mods folder and the issue wasn't fixed. Thanks in advance.

Who Me Too'd this topic