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Hi Administrator, ( Attention to Dave Specially)


First of all i want to write i am writing this message for most legion commanders.

we are all fun od this game with friendship around the world. We are talking each other in facebook everyday, sometimes we are discussing , sometimes we are angry each other, sonetimes we are having funs with battle results. In these days, we are talking about new tournement is necessary for having more times by legions, because of this reason i am writing our request from EA Chillingo to organize a new type tournement for 1 month to make us happy. 

The tournement in our minds should have features are shown below:

1) necessary to record for this tournement as legion by legion commander, and this tournement battle will be same logic with Champions Tournement battle

2) Each legion have 4 tanks only which are defined by legion commander

3) The battle will be 4 vs 4 and randomize , calendar will be defined by EA Chillingo

4) First 8 legions are in Result table after first step, will be in semi-final and they will play 3 times with rules : 1st vs 8th , 2nd vs 7th , 3rd vs 6th and 4th vs 5th

5) which legions in semi-final win 2 times aginst another, they will be in half-final and who has more diffetence aspect killing number , they will be top in the table , For example Legion A : 15 - Legion B : 12 , legion A has score as 3 points. For Half Final , Legions in top4 will play 3 times again with rules: 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd 

6) legions in half-final win 2 times , they will play final round 5 times, who win 3 times against other one , this legion will win the tournement.





This is biggest request of our players in ios platform from EA Chillingo and we will be much more happy if you organize it soon. 


Thanks and Best Regards,


Who Me Too'd this topic