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Can't Cancel Origin Premier Access Subscription(PC)
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1) From the Origin PC app I click on the "Origin" file menu and choose "EA Account and Billing".


2) My default internet browser, Firefox, opens to ""  and I navigate to the "Origin Access" menu tab.


3) A "Cancel Membership" link is positioned  prominently on the page. However, upon clicking it, it simply refreshes the same page I'm already on! 

Hovering the mouse over the link confirms that the destination URL is exactly the same URL as the one displayed in my browser for the current page!


4) Clicking the "Cancel Membership" link again, seemingly randomly, re-directs my browser to the web based Origin sign-in/storefront. 


5) Clicking on "Sign-in" returns either an error message that just says "Error" or a prompt tell me to "Please try again later". 


I've been trying for the past 12 hours... none of the 3 "cancel membership" links that I found in three different locations actually go anywhere!

The "fine print' found on the EA Access subscription SIGN-UP page even has a broken "here" link they use as an example of how "easy" it would be to "cancel anytime" and how you shouldn't be afraid to join.


Be afraid.


Honestly, I was planning to sign-up again in another month when I have more time to play, but now I may be done for good.







Who Me Too'd this topic