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Update - Iron Force 2.9.4 Maintenance
EA Community Manager
We will be taking down the Iron Force servers for maintenance at 2.30am UTC+0 on 13/12/2018 to prepare the servers for the v2.9.6 update. This maintenance is expected to last 5 hours on iOS and Android, with the update becoming available later on 13/12/2018.
Update Changes
- Townlet has been given a snowy makeover
- Adding the Christmas collection event
Maintenance Changes
- Fixed a bug with the Empire Wars Cup
- Fixed an issue that caused players Patterns / Decals not to be extended correctly after maintenance periods
 - Patterns and Decals will now be extended by three hours on the completion of maintenance for all players. For example, if you have two hours left on your Pattern / Decal when a maintenance period starts, when the maintenance is completed you will have a total of 5 hours remaining, no matter how long the maintenance lasts
- Minor fixes and other improvements
Players will have a week to update from thier current version of Iron Force before older versions (v2.9.4 and v2.9.5) are taken offline.
See you on the Battlefield!
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