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The foolishness never stops with ea. I lost a match i wasn't even playing. Smh.
★★★★ Guide

So just now I was on the rewards screen to choose my reward for making it to the 5th milestone in the tournament and I get a network timeout. So I get back into the game and the "you lost, you disconnected from the match" screen pops up. Now mind you, I was selecting the reward I wanted. I had just won my last match and I didn't initiate another nor was I even on that screen. Smh. If it isn't 5 things, it's 10 others wrong with this game. It's hard to have a positive outlook on and be optimistic about something like this game when everywhere you look and everything you do has some bug or glitch going on unexpectedly and you can never get anything done for as help or even simply play the game because of the network timeouts and lagging.

Who Me Too'd this topic