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I Don’t Understand/Get it?
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Am I on the same planet as those who have created this game? It seems bizarre that the community has spoken and told EA that overdrive is broken and doesn’t work, yet you introduce an OVERDRIVE TOURNAMENT! Whose idea was that?


like I said “I don’t get it”


So I just decided to attempt my final try on this game mode and guess what? Out gunned by a lower rated team, more stutters and lag, multiple miss throws by the QB, sometimes he just doesn’t throw, even though I’m almost putting the screen through the desk.


I give up complaining about this so called game and it’s amazing experience, nothing gets done, no fixes have been done and the only thing that does get done is us the customer right in the rear end.


Just fix what’s broken and then add stuff, that’s all we want and have ever wanted.

Who Me Too'd this topic