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Can't launch the game!
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Can not Launch the game ! 

and this is a last msg I have sent to EA help team 


I was hopping that you wouldn't suggest me go on forum as we have now big anger as none responds to forum issues. And forum don't work to be honest as issue sorting thing. this is why I contact you direct. You guys are keeping passing issues to each other and in last state you say. Please post this on forum. I Kindly would like to talk to your manager, please. I will show you something and it hasn't been resolved by EA for long time now. please see the link below.

My biggest question is do you guys really read forum?

I have contacted EA DARKO with private message asking about issues and its been a while he didn't replay. As I am lucky to see as he is online everyday. Active on forum, but not on Battle copters.

Is very clearly we can talk about on and on. Lets fix the issues without passing to others and let them to deal with. In my past few attempts trying to resolve few issues with the game. I don't get a answers I am seeking. Or final results as resolved problem, and game fixed finally. Is it lack of experience or knowledge you guys are challenging ?

So please can I talk to your manager?

Who Me Too'd this topic