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How to get on the right path in regards to fixing Force 1
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I am a loyal customer/player, been playing for going on 4 years and have spent far more on this game than I did on my daily driver(car for work). I do not play any other game...ever!  I have many ideas that I am convinced will get Iron Force back on track and quite possibly an absolute runaway hit!  I will start by giving just a few ideas, if I see you implement them, I will continue to write new ones right here on this site.  These ideas will only be written/spoken on this forum.  That way any possible damage my ideas could create, will be minimized due to the smaller audience it will have here compared to say Facebook.  So without further adue, let me get started..

     Ok let me start with ‘updates’, you guys must be joking with all your recent updates!  You must be!!!!  You haven’t solved them issues that have plagued your game from ever since the beginning!(ie unfair matchups, ‘server maintainence’ (at the

absolute worst times, etc). So how about just one, JUST ONE! Update for us the players??  The ones who spend thousands of

jard earned dollars on your game!  How?  Ok it’s high time to have a ‘shop’ or

add it to Showroom, that is let us trade in/sell our outdated worthless tanks!  Not

for pennies on the dollar but for

a fair price!  Regardless of what anyone says, it won’t hurt your bottom line by much of any at all!?  I spent a disgusting amount of

momey on a Lacerta, with 2 going on 3 stars(general), that tank is as worthless to me as tits on a board!  You never said you’d be adding new tanks to the

game, you blindsided all of us with that update!  Hers another one, in Arms Dealer, if we already own a particular tank, then dont

let it be an option that we can possibly win...that’s stupid...FIX IT!  Ok heres another, on ‘drops’ if two players are close

to said drop are going for it, give it

to both players...having the

person with the

fastest internet always be

the winner that’s stupid-fix it!  Last one for today, this one is your choice!  Either make shots to the back of the tank not count!  There’s too many cowardly players who are only getting worse driving around back shooting everyone!  OR!  Count back shots from all the players and just

like your Hall of Fame, give a Biggest * Award to the biggest coward playing the

game!  Let’s put a spotlight on a super lame practice on your game and make


go away!


Fix any one of those problems and I will write up another post for



Who Me Too'd this topic