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Unfairly Banned On BFV
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A week ago I was hacked by a Russian person at 1:36 AM as I was sleeping. I know this as I received an automated email from EA saying someone had logged in from a new PC and when I go to reset my password, all my security questions are in Russian. The hacker used my account to cheat on Battlefield (I think) V and so now I am banned from the game. I have connected in multiple live chats and EA have investigated the actions taken and replied a week later saying that the actions they took were correct and that I should be banned. What are the chances I get the game back if I keep persisting and does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this issue? I have preordered every battlefield since BF4 and it is safe to say that if i don't get this solved then EA will lose me as a customer.

Who Me Too'd this topic