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I lost my old account, Please Help.
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lost my long standing account on Iron Force and would like help getting it back.


I bought new device of Android (Samsung S8+) almost a year and half a go and I installed the game app as normal, I used play my lovely  game and still play it since 7 years a go, one day could not play it thought there is a problem with the app or updating version, after little time noway to load the account, easy downloaded the game, but no account, looks like no history or account existence before, no tank is displayed anymore.

So, I have lost all the data associated with the game.

Is there any way to recover the account based on what you know of my ID please?

User name is : StoneGate. Tank type: S.Lacerta. Legion: USAPAL. LVL.60.


P.S: I already contact EA help team on the official website but no answer or respond through out these accounts as bellow.


 Customer Experience: [edit: email address removed].

 support lets talk : [edit: email address removed].

 I still waiting for a game advisory to contacting me since 3 months ago. 

Who Me Too'd this topic