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Russian player need help
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Russian players need help! 
The absolute inaction of EA Russia! 
The overwhelming majority of players in Russia cannot connect to the EA servers. Trouble 2000 is constantly being released (unabe to connection). 
On the Russian support branch, the community manager (EA_Archi) does not respond to the topic about this error. 
Please inform the head office or the support center of Europe. 

It is impossible to play from Russia. 
EA Russia does not want to take any action to solve this problem. They cannot even officially notify Roskomnadzor (government service for control and supervision in the field of media, mass communications, information technology and communications, protection of the rights of personal data subjects) about the existence of such problems. Roskomnadzor. 

Roskomnadzor may not suspect that it has banned ip addresses that interfere with the normal operation of international EA servers. 
Take action to EA Russia. Insignificant quality of work of the Russian department.

Who Me Too'd this topic