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Auto-lights not working in some rooms?
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Hi there, since the Get Famous patch I've noticed auto-lights has stopped working in some of my rooms while others work fine. It does seem to be specific to my main build as I haven't yet encountered the issue elsewhere in other lots. I have a PC and all EPs. I don't use mods or CC. I have tried repairing the game, a new save, bulldozing and replacing the build, and resetting/replacing the lights. I can turn the lights on manually or by room once I change the dimmer settings (some seem to be on low at start) or replace the lights affected, but they stay off during the day if I choose auto-lights. These lights then come on at night (just after 8) automatically and don't turn off automatically when sims sleep or leave the room. The other lights work fine. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks. 

Who Me Too'd this topic