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Severe multiplayer FPS bug
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There seems to be a strange problem that causes multiplayer games to cap their FPS to around 10-11 with zero variation, much like a frame cap. 

Attempts to troubleshoot have included:

Lowering graphics settings to LOW for all settings including turning on future frame rendering to no effect,

Attempting to use DX12 to no effect
Lowering game rendering to 30% to no effect, FPS remains stuck at 10-11

GPU driver clean installed with DDU to no effect

Game redownloaded and reinstalled to no effect, including deleting BF5 files from My Documents to no effect upon repairing game

Overlays from programs such as Origin, Discord, MSI Afterburner disabled and antivirus suites disabled to no effect


The game runs perfectly on single player with no issues and in MP the game actually runs perfectly well until the very moment the countdown is over and players are allowed to move and deploy, the FPS immediately lowers from it's maximum until settling to around 10-11

Any advice would be much appreciated

PC specs:

i7-4790k at stock speeds of 4.0 Ghz

GTX 1070 Stock speeds with latest drivers (even tried the drivers before the latest ones to no effect as a last effort)

16GB ram at 1600 Mhz

Game installed on SSD

Who Me Too'd this topic