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N7 Day 2018 (November 7th)
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I thought it might be appropriate to share some information about N7 Day, and specifically make a post to capture Mass Effect fans thoughts and expectations about N7 Day 2018. [Article source]



N7 Day, commemorated on November 7th and channeling the 'N7' protagonist rank was first promoted by BioWare in 2012.
Some fan-based N7 Day activities are said to predate 2012,

N7 Day 1 (2012)

An extract from BioWare's first editorial on the subject ran as follows:

"Welcome to the first annual N7 Day! To commemorate the 5 year anniversary this month of the original Mass Effect, BioWare will be celebrating with a day filled with in-game and online fun. And you can join us!

Over the last 5 years we have seen Commander Shepard’s tale unfold and it’s been as much a journey for us as our fans. We are humbled by the support and passion of each and every one of you. Mass Effect wouldn’t be what it is today without you, and sharing the experience with our fans was the first thought on our minds. We created N7 Day for you—an opportunity to unite us and our fans in a global celebration of Mass Effect.

It's a day for everyone, where we can put down our Omni Tools, and raise a glass of Serrice Ice Brandy (or soda for the younger crowd) while we relive our favorite memories from the series."

The first N7 Day may have been a marketing excuse for a competition, but it has since become more than that.

The fans readily embraced N7 Day with many tweets on the day:

N7 Day 2 (2013)

A year later, N7 Day was back:

BioWare released the 

'Thank you, Mass Effect fans'


Another popular day with the community, with many tweets on N7 Day 2013:

N7 Day 3 (2014)

N7 Day 3 was a little subdued because Dragon Age Inquisition launched only a few days later.

Dev team leads were introduced:
and some Mass Effect Andromeda art was released:

Many, many community tweets again on N7 Day:

N7 Day 4 (2015)

After the quieter N7 Day 2014, this year's N7 Day debuted the wonderful MEA N7 trailer,
essentially drawing a line under Shepard's story.


Further Mass Effect Andromeda artwork followed:

Loads of N7 tweets, N7 Day is a big deal:

N7 Day 5 (2016)

For N7 Day 5, BioWare released the Cinematic Reveal for Mass Effect Andromeda.

And here are the N7 tweets for N7 Day 2016:

N7 Day 6 (2017)

With Mass Effect Andromeda's polarizing launch, and the cancellation (or non-delivery) of any DLC, 2017's 10th anniversary is a little bittersweet.
Yet the legacy remains with many happy memories.

This is Bioware's teN7day page:

Here are the N7 tweets for N7 Day 2017:

N7 Day 7 (2018)

An Xbox One X patch for Andromeda and a tease for the future....


I don't work for EA, but I adore BioWare's Mass Effect, Dragon Age & Anthem.
I can be found here on EA Answers HQ and on BSN forums:
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