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Sims don't sleep
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Okay, can someone please tell me why for the last two days my Sims refuse to go to sleep? I have several households, and I have had a problem with at least three of them. Their sleep bar is yellow or orange, or even red, and I tell them to go to sleep, and they do, for 2 or 3 minutes, then jump right out of bed and try to do something else. Kids, teens, and young adults, even adults. They refuse to stay asleep. I went so far as to fill up the que with sleep commands, only to have the lights flicker (lights set to auto on) as they erase one command and go to next one. Happens in Brindleton Bay, Oasis Springs, and Newcrest. Not had a problem with my Willow Creek household yet, although in that one, Summer Holiday my wife, took the dog out for a jog, and then stood on the path for over 12 hours doing nothing. She would not respond to commands. Dog was going crazy, barking at her, urinating on the ground, and playing in it, etc. He could not leave because he was leased to Summer. I switched to the husband and back to no avail, and finally had him go to the vet clinic to make treats. When I brought him back in the morning, Summer was there with the dog. A 12 hour jog? Really? That happened yesterday, when the no sleep started. They refuse to stay in bed and end up doing the bum in the air trick when they pass out. None of them are vampires, so I have no clue why they insist on no sleep. I have Sims 4, with Cats & Dogs, the backyard stuff pack, and just bought the Vampire pack yesterday. That might be the issue is the vampire pack, but wouldn't Origin/EA have found that out long before now?

Who Me Too'd this topic