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Level 1 mini forum.
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I thought I'd start up a forum within a forum for level 1 plants.

No, i haven't been eating magicdaveshrooms but level1 plants are more challenging and of course nobody has an advantage from levelling up and the ad watching is minimal as the only coins needed are for power ups.

Of course adventure mode has got to be done again but if you've been doing this for a while then it's easier with your premium plants (if you've got any).

Any plants bought with money are automatically transferred to your level 1 profile at level 1 and gemium plants can be bought using free ad gems.

Mints are a problem but a few are available weekly for doing the battlez training and if you start the new league on your level 1 profile then your winnings in gems, mints and coins should be transferred to it.

Battlez tournaments are probably best avoided as level 1 plants are cannon fodder but we could do the training mode and post our screenshots of our best scores.

If anyone has any suggestions please post.

I have a most plants at level 1 as well as spearmint and shadow peashooter and the only plants i don't have yet are in neon mixtape world (not very good plants).

Who Me Too'd this topic