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Origin on PC not loading
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PC Origin Not working


So about a week ago I went to launch origin and was met with a window that says origin at the top and a loading icon and it would just sit on that screen forever. So I though maybe if I reinstall Origin it would help, I was wrong it just dose the something when trying to install it pops up a window that says Origin at the top with a loading icon in the middle and does not do anything no matter how long i wait. I have tried disabling both my anti-virus and my firewall and that makes no differences. i have tried running the installer as administrator and that did not make any differences it still dose the same loading screen and wont do any thing. I have also checked all the drivers are up to date on my PC and still nothing. I have even ran all my anti-virus stuff to see if there was anything causing me problems and nothing. So I don't know what to do, Help please.

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