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Suggestion for more than 2 parties
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The next time you do an update, please give us the ability to attend more than 2 parties each day!


Here's what happened to me today: I searched through the list of parties and had to get pretty far down until I found one that had orange icons for any of my Sims. Lately I can only find multiple actions for only one or two of my Sims, but today I found one that had orange for 2 Sims, and blue for one. Seemed like a good find until I got there and found there were ZERO special actions for ANY of my Sims. That doesn't happen too often to me, but when it does it's really frustrating, am I right fellow Simmers? Later I found a second, legitimately good party to attend, no complaints. But when I got back from that one it was to find an invite to a party from a friend that regularly throws amazing parties. Everyone is really free with the stickers, people are chatting back and forth, and the Sims are always dressed really cool. And I don't get to go because I had already attended my 2 parties for the day, one of which was a complete dud. 


Why is there a limit to the number of parties we can attend? I'd really, honestly, like to know. And why is the limit so low? Also, it would be nice to be able to back out of a party, before you do any actions, for those times when you arrive to find it's not what you thought, or was promised, or if you accidentally click attend.


I can't be the only one frustrated with this seemingly pointless party limit. I'm hoping that if enough people comment their agreement, or post their own stories and ideas to make parties better, that it'll get the attention of someone in charge and we can make a difference. 


Thanks everyone!

Who Me Too'd this topic