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Battlefield V Premiere and Deluxe / Standard combination
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Hello y'all,


Sadly i am not able to find a proper answer to this after scouring through the internet. I want to play BFV as early as possible because why not, so i figured i'll get Origin Access Premiere for a month in October shortly before launch of BFV and cancel it a few weeks later since I do not want to keep the Origin Access Premier subscription going for more than one month. This means that after my Premiere subscription runs out, i'll have to buy the game regularily - so far thats easily understood.


However, this does throw a questionmark in my way:


I know i'll basically get the Deluxe edition through Premier along with all the preorder stuff. I also know that i keep my progress. But when the subscription runs out, what happens to the ingame Deluxe version stuff if i buy the Standard edition instead? The customization elements, the airdrops, the special assignments and so on, everything thats part of the Deluxe version, will that stuff be removed or will it stay?


Greetings and thanks in advance!

Who Me Too'd this topic