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UFC 3 Crash/Freeze Issue (Xbox One S / POST Update 07/03/2018)
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Post Update 07/03/2018

Which mode has this happened in?
 Online Championship & Practice Mode


Issue Summary:

It freezes at exactly 88% through the Loading Screen. It simply frezzes first then flickers and the screen goes black. Then my Xbox One makes an odd buzzing sound then reverts back to Xbox Dashboard/Homescreen.

(The game is not on Disc - I pre-ordered it from the Xbox Market-place before the release and have never had an issue until now (Post Update 07/03/2018)

Extra Details:
After successfully downloading and installing the latest update for UFC (Giving us access to new fighters) I found the game froze/crashed and reverted back to the Xbox home-screen/dashboard without error code or notification of any kind. This now happens every-time I attempt to load a match-up in Online Ranked Championship and Practice mode. It freezes at exactly 88% of the Loading Screen percentage when it flickers, makes an odd buzzing sound, black-screen then reverts back to Xbox Dashboard/Homescreen.


I'd like to note I am now also down two DNF's from attempting to start two match-ups ONLINE (RANKED) and failing-of-course due to this happening on the loading screen, after picking a fighter, I am very frustrated with this and now that I have my first EVER 2 DNF's due to a Bug it's like rubbing salt in the wound Frown 


This is Game-Breaking issue that has rendered my UFC 3 useless. Please fix so I can play again.

How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)

Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Just load up a match - online or practice. This happens to me every-time, since I downloaded the update..


Date/Time (MM/DD/YYYY) Expierencing Issues?
07/03/2018 - 11:46PM


TECHNICAL UPDATE: (07/04/2018)

As I've not been given a solution just yet, I'm now uninstalling UFC3 Completely in-order to reinstall and download the content.
Its 21.49GB+ and I started at 5am this morning, such a slow speed here it's still installing and downloadin.

Progress is at 86.7% so fingers crossed this works. I'll make sure to post the result here folks.

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