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Can't Recieve E-Mails from EA Help?
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I am trying to change my username on Origin (which based on other platforms like Steam shouldn't be this difficult at all) and don't know my 8 year old security questions answer. Trying to get past this, I contacted EA help with live chat. Twice. Both times they tried sending e mail for verification codes as they should as it makes sense, but I seem to be unable to receive their e-mails.


I am using Yahoo, I refreshed page, logged in and out, tried a new browser, tried my phone, and I sent an email from my phone to myself from a different address and I got it fine. 

I could tell both individuals on EA help were not in america and could not speak good English, is this some kind of international e-mail issue? Does anybody else have this problem, is there a solution?


Thanks for any replies.

Who Me Too'd this topic