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Evolve plant doesn´t show up anymore / Autonomous changeing outfits in seasons?
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I´ve started playing Season in spring (season change 14 days) and I´m on my 8th day now. Evolving plants doesn´t show up until now, not for the ones in a greenhouse neither for the ones outside.

After the pre season patch it worked. I´m not sure if it´s by design or not but in 8 days there must be one plant to evovle, My Sim has every sort of plant in her garden Wink


Another thing I want to know how it´s meant to be. I thought that the Sims change their warm/cold outfits autonomously when they leave or come back into the house f.e. it´s cold outside AND in the house the thermostat is on warm. Or is the thermostat only to overheat your Sims and kill them? Wink   

Who Me Too'd this topic