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Are we ever going to be able to edit towns/worlds as a whole again?
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I was talking with a couple of my friends recently about all the features we miss from older versions of The Sims, the biggest being editing towns and worlds more than just placing lots onto what's already there.  I miss being able to add different size lots to grow the town and add trees wherever I pleased. For example, it's super ridiculous that Magnolia Promenade only had 4 lots but SO much open grass space on the map!! Are we ever going to be able to fully edit towns again? PLEASE!!


Other features we miss:

- Controlling pets--I should be able to force my dog to only be aggressive towards the mailman and not have to give them the aggressive trait.

- Dog shows at the park (from Sims 2?)--it's cool that we have all the agility obstacles, but there's not really a point to them.

- Horses! I loved having horses and it would be really cool if you combined them with Get To Work so police officers could go on patrol on a horse. Hello, mounted unit!

- Being able to fully customize objects--i.e. being able to choose OR DESIGN specific fabrics, comforters, etc. What if I want a white bed frame but a dark red comforter?

- Makin' Magic!! Give me witches, dragons and black roses (that I could never find) again!!

- University. I'm sure this is probably in the queue for Sims 4 since we've had it in almost every other version, but I'd like to give a Sim the option to basically be a commuter student so you can go to college with them during the day and maybe stay over, but you don't abandon your family for 4 years. 

- Superstar! It was really cool having the celebrity levels and being able to be a movie star.

Who Me Too'd this topic