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Origins Premier Membership and Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition
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Hello all. I'm going to be more active around here, but I do have a question and I am going to try to make it as simple as possible. Thank you in advance for any help. 


I am currently a yearly origins access member. 

I will upgrade to the Premier membership once it's released this year. 

I am going to be playing Anthem when it is released. 

If I have the premier access it says I have access to the "Legion of Dawn Edition"


What does that give me access to? Am I going to have access to the;


VIP Access to the public pre-launch for play demos?

Legion of Dawnn Ranger Armor Pack and Legendary Weapon?

Founders player Banner?


Or am I going to have to pay 79.99 to get that on top of my 99.99 a year origins premier membership?


Thanks again for anyone that can clarify this for me. 



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