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Hi All,

If an Online Friendlies season match ends with a draw result, why can't we choose between ET, penalties, or "End game as draw"? We're not in a competion, we're friends who play together, and play the game for have a great time and for fun.

If the ET and penalties are still a choosable option when playing offline, why it is so hard to implement these options to the "Online Friendlies mode"??? It'd be much more fun, if we could choose from these options (like if we play an offline game).

Anyway: Why the "Online Friendlies" the only one option to play with my friend?


Some years earlier (maybe last in FIFA 15) there were an Online game mode called "Online Lobbies", where there were "lobbies" (aka. game-rooms) where you could join and invite your friend, or anyone who was in the lobbie to play a custom game, without any ridiculous competition like mode.

I'm realy miss the Golden Goal and the Penalties when an Online Friendlies game ends as a draw. Especially when we have the same points and goal difference after 5 match. Why is it hard to implement Extra Time, and penalties? Why the game force the end of the match? I can't understand, and I'm realy sad that Online Friendlies is the only way to play with my friends. (we don't play Ultimate Team)


Maybe, is there a chance that we'll see Online Lobbies (and the chooseable option for the ending after a draw) in FIFA 19??? Please?

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