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Madden 18 stuck in loading screen before game (Xbox One)
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Hi Guys


I’m having continuous issues trying to play a single game on Madden 18 on my Xbox One S. I downloaded it via EA Access and I can get into the home screen of game and navigate through it fine but if I try to play a game it just sits in the loading screen (see below screen shot) and won’t actually go to the game. This keeps happening no matter how many times I get out of Madden and back into it. I have yet to play a single game, not even the Superbowl game. I’ve let it sit there for up to 10 minutes loading with no luck


Here’s what I’ve tried individually so far based on solutions I’ve read on forums to similar issues but none have worked:

- Exited Madden and gone back in

- Rebooted the Xbox and gone back in

- Cleared the cache

- Signed out of Xbox Live and EA accounts

- Gone offline


I’m completely out of ideas and before I start having a hissy fit and point fingers I’m hoping someone on here or from EA has an actually solution for this


Please help




Who Me Too'd this topic