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Shift 2 unleashed : Missing content on limited edition
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Hello everybody,

Sorry to disturb but I have an issue that could not even be answered by the EA technical team.

Actually, I bought Shift 2 unleashed limited edition with the DLCs on Origin like one or 2 years ago, and for a time it went fine.

But recently, having  changed and upgraded my machine I wanted to stick with it again.
I could download it again, install it again, and after a few issues (nVidia PhysX driver issue), play with it again.

Anyway, I tried to start with old saves which were working except for the Autolog that was failing about the password.

So I started a new game, and tried my usual which was to use the Nissan Silvia S15 Spec Aero... except it was not available anymore.

So I did a lot of stuff. Trying to remove the game again, trying to remove Origin and clean up the registry.
I contacted the EA support, which proposed me solutions, like cleaning up the registry, start the game as admin, flush dns cache and clean boot, but nothing worked so far.

Wanted to investigate a little bit more, I can say that the data files for the Silvia S15 are available in the cars directory, and that I got available in game the speedhunter cars like the RX7 FC, the Mercedes Speedhunters, the McLaren and Lamborghini, if I remember correctly. So it seems that I can access parts of the DLC.

About the setup, I run on a Ryzen 1700X, 16GB DDR4, Asus Prime B350M-A, M2 storage, Asus Radeon RX580 8GB.

System is up to date, with a Windows 10 enterprise 64 bit, latest drivers for video and system, mostly latest BIOS if not the latest but 2018 in any case.

Please note that my game and the Origin software are not installed at the default location, but instead placed on the D drive with D:\origin and D:\Program files(x86)\Origin...\Shift2unleashed

I would be really grateful if somebody could have an idea or a solution on this one, since I'm now a bit bone dry on ideas.
I stay at your disposal if somebody needs additional information.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Who Me Too'd this topic