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why should i level up to Taco
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Why should i reach Taco !!


Hello guys,


i am now on rank 39 in Diamond league, i just want to say that there is no motivation to become taco ! specially when you start next league in Diamond,


in case i stay in Diamond i will start in gold, that will make me earn easy 250 gems (25 per rank) + 200 gems for reaching Diamond hen i reach back to lvl 39 Diamond which gives 270 gems so that sums up to 720 gems


BUT if i reach Taco now, i will  start in Diamond which will not be easy as gold and will earn 300 gems reaching to Taco (30 per level) and 250 gems for reaching Taco which sums up to 550 gems.


just give me one reason to become Taco, i even like Diamond badge better than Taco's :"D 

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