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Career Mode Youth Player Sales - Is it me?
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On the whole, I think Fifa18 is excellent.  With a few minor exceptions I find the gameplay excellent, and with a few slider adjustments I can set it just right for me.  However, I mostly play career mode and I like to meet my targets.  I have just finished the Jan xfer window of season 2 "make £2.6m on youth player sales".  In the 2 seasons I have been able to sell 0 (zero) players.  This season alone I have had 18 "Talks broken down" and not one has gone through.  Although I hate reloading a game, as I had 3 sales pending I decided to see if it made a difference.  I reloaded 15 times and the result was the same each time.  Is there anything I can do to get a sale to go through.  Nearly all of the players involved are still on their basic £440pw contracts.  It seems there is something in the coding that prevents youth players sales.  I've had a couple go on loan, but no sales.  I like to try to develop my own players, and need the youth sales to fund purchases, but it is impossible as they ALL break down.  Anyone got any advice (I'm sure this is a known issue, and EA could have patched it, but as it does not generates continued revenue, EA do not seem prepared to address this issue).

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