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NFS 2019 10 things i want to be fixed and added
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1. The map has/needs to stick to the street racing scene.In one of my previous posts i said that roads of the map should be divided in half where 50% is the city and the other half are highways and mountain roads. 

2. The map needs to be smaller! Now,before some say the it should be bigger let me say that there is no point of having a huge map where there is not that big amount of races to keep us race through every single road.

Plus,there are FPS issues because of that,even on high end PCs.

3.No hypercars (i am looking at you,Regera) Racing hypercars totally kills the street racing scene. 

Street racing should stick to mid to high range cars,not over powered ones. 

Now,i am not whining about people driving Regeras and ruining speedlists because you can give me a freaking Volvo 242 i will race those cars. BUT,please no hypercars in the next game, for the love of god.

4.No re-inflates I got hit by a spike strip and as i thought i was done, abra kadabra my tires re-inflated! WHAT THE HELL?! 

I mean,not being busted is good but seriously,where is the freaking logic in having them when my tires re-inflate right after we get hit. 

If most players are a bunch of cowards and don`t want to take the BUSTED screen like a man,play something else. 

5.One character only to be played I like the idea of having multiple played characters but a bunch of people say GTA V. 

Do we really need more than one? 

6.NO...FREAKING...CARDS One of the most irritating feature of the game are the cards. What is wrong with having parts like in 2015.

7.Vanity items They should be sold in shops as regular parts,i want those from the very beginning!

8.The story It should be a continuation to Payback because there are too much story holes,we need to see what Marcus is up to in Arkwright,who is the Collector really (PLEASE LET IT BE DARIUS)

9.The handling It is a lot more improved but it should still be worked on. Carbon is the real good handling example for an arcade racer.

10.Drag races I love the fact that they are back but in Payback there is no freaking way that those could be called drag races,there should be no curves!

Those races should take place at the strip not on places with ups and downs along with curves. 

They should be straight only!



Who Me Too'd this topic