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A new ending (The third ending). [spoilers]
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Since the game A Way Out was released, several friends of mine played with their friends and they always said about the end of the game. Most of them were towards the end of Vincent, few managed to catch the end of Leo by strangely being more difficult than the end of Vincent. However, everyone said that the endings of both are sad and that if they wanted they would increase a third final.
I thought about how it could be a third final for the game. My suggestion would be that way. As soon as Vincent or Leo picks up the weapon, the moment he is asked to aim, he could have a cancel button (even if it was a secret method to have that option), when triggered, Leo or Vincent throws the weapon off and they say they do not want to kill each other. Vincent would have the idea of staying there and saying that Leo ran away, that would give Leo time to get out of that place. After this scene would pass the scene of each with their families that would happen in the death of one of the two.

Who Me Too'd this topic