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Game Freeze, Crash - UE4 Haze1 Game Crash always same scene
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Good morning i tried to have an fantastic experience along with y friend next to me playing this promising game .  My experience was interrupted with an error that happens on or after moment in very beginning of the game where guys in hospital room, one is distracting the nurse and the other one is going bad to be, then cut scene where thy arguing on the bench and that is the moment where game always freezes and crashes and then error poping up .

ill just attach an photo of this error anyways.

just need to say, ive downlooaded the game twice, installed on different partition. reinstalled completely drivers, tried to run the game on low graphics and always same error same moment in da game .

well just to clarify game also sometimes crashes upon the loading screen.

very disappointed i am now. any suggestions what to do and how to fix it ? thank you very much


ahh silly sausage, fogget my pc specs

windows 10

i7 8700k

gtx 1070


Who Me Too'd this topic