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TW Matchmaking is still an issue.
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I am with the Z Nuttz Tossahs (, an 84 million GP guild.  Historically we have had relatively fair matches in TW.  In the most recent TW that went into active battle on 3/19, we faced the guild Shottas that possesses a GP over 110 million (  We had about 81 million GP register for the match, I'm not sure what they enrolled. 


In ZNT we love a challenge, and we put up the best fight we could.  After busting through a top to bottom wall comprised of CLS & General Zarriss squads, and scratching through a wall of Night Sister squads, we were confronted by a wall of FO with Kylo Ren Unmasked leads. At this point, we had nothing left to throw at a seemingly endless supply of highly geared, zetated toons. 

The resources Shottas had at their disposal comically dwarfed what we possess. While some of our guild members spend money on SWGOH, roughly half of our people are F2P.  From what I can tell, their top 6 members have GP far greater than our highest GP member. We were drastically outnumbered in terms of zetaed characters, gear XI+ characters; we tried but this battle WAS NOT an equally matched one.


The matchmaking is still a huge problem in TW. In no way should a guild of 80 million GP should have to tackle a guild of 110 million GP, no matter the TW enrollment. Even a fraction of 110 million GP guild has a significant advantage in resources over a full guild of 84 million GP.  This needs to be addressed and fixed.

-Zag Nuttz


Who Me Too'd this topic