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The Sims 2 ultimate collection origin keeps crashing (Windows 10) FEB 2018
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Recently I have been wanting to play Sims 2, I managed to get it working few months back and tried to come back to it however it keeps constantly crashing, sometimes it crashes during the loading screen and sometimes I can get to the neighborhood however i can Never seem to go on create a sim or any current house or build any, it would just crash

I have checked a few websites and they think that the recent Windows Update (the one revolving around intel CPUs) had broken it, my laptop can run it as its running an older version of windows 10 however I would really like to get it running on my faster Desktop, does anyone have any ideas and is there a possibility that EA would release another update fixing this issue? (I know the game is coming to 14 years old but there was an update in October 2017)


Who Me Too'd this topic