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Time Zone Change
★★★★ Newbie
Let me start off by saying I love this game. The only real issue I have is that when I first started playing this game I got placed in the wrong time zone. Now back then I did not see it as a big deal, but it is. Now I am missing out on multiple bonus energy and not too mention all my area and ship payouts are all happening while I’m sleeping. This is an unfair disadvantage that I have while trying to compete on my server. This is something that has been over looked for too long now. I know multiple people who stopped playing this game for this reason. People who move to different time zones and are now not able to enjoy the game like they used to. We have people who are in the military being deployed to different parts of the world who are not able to escape from that environment and play a nice game simply because the time zone they are in now doesn’t work with where they are at now. There needs to be an option to reset your time zone ATLEAST once a year for people who move, are deployed, or even discover the game while away from home. It’s absolutely ridiculous that the only solution the DEVs can give to this is to create another account and start all over! Please give players options to help the game fit their lives so that they may enjoy it to the best of its ability! Not everyone can restart an account and be a whale to get it back to where they used to be! Thank you for your time and I hope you can see this and see that there needs to be a difference.
Who Me Too'd this topic