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My Sims 4 won't launch!
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I purchased the Sims 4 after Christmas. Most things were going fine, but my game would occasionally start to crash on launch. I googled it and YouTube helped out the first two times, but I tried the previous method and it didn't work this time.


I'll open Origin and everything will be fine but the moment I click 'Play' underneath the game, the screen becomes black for a second and I end up back on my desktop. When I hover over the taskbar icon, the window is completely white. If I try to click on it again, the black screen thing repeats.

I'm using cc and mods in my game. The first two times I removed them, updated & repaired and everything was back to normal.

I used a mod conflict detector and I removed all dodgy files. That didn't work. I've reinstalled the game four times (I'm pretty desperate right now) and it hasn't worked.



Here's a pastebin to my DxDiag if you need it:


Thanks in advance Standard smile

Who Me Too'd this topic