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Server issue, extreme high ping
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Will EA ever fix the issue with the servers...? Is EA making games just for 1st countries in the world..? I live in India and the status of ping over my place is just horrible. Till yesterday I had a ping of 150ms or less on Asia`s server but today I have 270+ms. What is this..? I can`t play on other regions servers and thats fine for me but at least let me play on the regions that is nearest to me. 
And yeah will EA ever make an effort to put some servers in India or near my location. Its just horrible. I love to play Battlefield and is the only game that I play on multiplayer mode but the server issues are just killing me. This reason actually made me and my friends not to buy BF1. 

Please EA, please fix this issue and make our life easy. I just don`t wanna miss the next title of Battlefield just because of server issues. 

Who Me Too'd this topic