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Sims 4 Error CE-34878-0 On PS4?
★ Apprentice
Hello EA I have purchased the Sims 4 on PS4 and have yet to be able to play this game all the way through without the error mentioned above. Before you ask me to uninstall reinstall update software clear caches and restart I have done all of that and this still seems to happen I have had two glitches that have been messing with my game since day one the unicorn llama issue is done and over with but now I still continue to get this error when I load a household then I turn off my game turn it back on go into another household and as soon as it opens up it gives me this error so my game is not playable I believe this is an injustice for someone who pre-ordered the whole game got the highest package available has purchased all the DLC for this game and I can't play it. Every time I load this game it's a crapshoot because I may be able to play or it may just continue to crash on me. I have a 1tb PlayStation 4 with only two other games loaded onto this system octo dad and locco rocco so I have plenty of room for everything that I'm doing with this game the whole reason I purchased a PlayStation 4 was because Sims 4 was coming out on console. Please help with this.
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