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No Emote for any class nor the hero's or villain's since 11/17/2017 update

I pre-ordered this game and yet feel the disdain of why bothering to do that ever again! Especially since the individuals of Reddit destroyed this game from the bitching, whining, complaining whatever... Why don't they do that to Call Of Duty, Madden, FIFA, NBA that do the EXACT SAME THING?

Anyways since the November 17th 2017 update  I cannot use the emote feature with any class, hero of villian. I am quite possibly not the only one. As an IT professional I have literally tried everything but reprogramming the game. I have an XBox One (2015) with a standard Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller model 1697, it fails. I purchased a new Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Elite Controller, with a default configuration does not work. Even updated to the latest firmware fails to use the left and right D-Pad to use emote.

So I re-configured the Elite with alternate buttons on the D-Pad, which also failed to emote. So then I changed the Assault, Heavy, Officer, Specialist, Heroes and Villains emotes I have earned to alternate spaces, still they emotes will not work.

Finally I un-installed Star Wars Battlefront II and reinstalled on a fresh usb external Sata XBox enabled drive, and the results did not change. I CANNOT USE EMOTE!

Oh, and to check if it was just this game. I did play the original Star Wars Battlefront I (2015) for one round and found that the emotes work on the Left, Top, Right D-Pad just fine.

Who Me Too'd this topic