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cant find the files to my game
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hi, i am playing the sims 4

The story is i had the game and the files with all my cc but one day i accidentally deleted the hard drive of my laptop and so i had to reset everything, thankfully i was able to save all my cc and put them in a folder and such, after that i placed all my cc back into the folder and was playing fine, then i downloaded some more cc to put into the folder but for some reason the new cc i put in the folder didnt show up on the sims then i realized that i had two folders but then when i tried putting in all my cc into the other folder all my progress and saved sims were gone. i got annoyed so i deleted origin and sims 4 and redownloaded it but when i go look through all my folders there was no electronic arts folder and now i am confused.


Also another thing is when i updated my sims 4 a few weeks back, it reset all my sims and erased all my data, im getting so annoyed please help me. Why did this happen?


Thank you

Who Me Too'd this topic