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In game Ping Setting doesn't work, unplayable until I can find a fix
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So I posted the same thing on reddit but apparently nobody else is having this problem. The in game "ping site" setting under Options, then EA Account simply doesn't work! I have mine set to US, Virginia since i'm in North Carolina and that's the closest data center. It shows that with that data center I should have 52ms ping which I have confirmed on but when I play a game on any mode I get horrible hit detection and constantly die around walls and cover. After getting frustrated with it I checked Resource Monitor to see what the ping was for the SWBF2's active TCP connection and what do you know, 150-180ms every game... It always connects me to the exact same IP which is a data center in Redwood California although it's suppose to be connecting me to Virginia. I've tried changing the "ping site" to multiple different locations but the IP it connects me to and the ping are always the same. Upon restarting the game it also defaults back to the US, Virginia site but still connects me to California. Obviously support was no help, as they never are. The only advice he gave was to open ports although I explained to him that my issue was which data center it was sending me to and not whether I had ports closed or not... Anyway, at this point the game is completely unplayable and is just a * experience because the game only registers around half of my shots. Any help would be appreciated as i've already checked the settings files for the game and none of them seem to have the data center within them although it keeps defaulting back. Thanks.


As a side note: Yes i've checked other games and they are running just fine as i'd expect them to with around 60-80ms at the most.

Who Me Too'd this topic