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Save Game Won't Load, Sims 4
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Hi there!  So, ever since the latest update came out, I haven't been able to play any of my save games.  I can load up the game, open my save, and get to the map page, but when I click on my current household, and select "Play", the loading screen just continues forever.  I do use Custom Content, but I haven't downloaded anything new since last month, and this problem only began when the update came out.  When I disabled CC and tried, I was able to play the game.  However, I've had to clear my mods folder and re-download everything so many times that I have lost track.  I've tried repairing the game twice, and it hasn't done jack so...


Should I try uninstalling the game?  And if I do, will I lose all of my Custom Content?  I guess if it gets my game working I don't really care.


Can anyone help?

Thank you, and Happy Simming!


Who Me Too'd this topic