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Iron Force, less diamonds drops and some other points
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I have been playing for about 4 years Iron Force on Android, currently I am 5th place Global, what I notice at the moment is that almost never diamonds come/drops in the game. This frustrates something, especially since I have spent a lot of diamonds, since I bought and bought the Cepheus, which cost a total of about 11,000.

I just cut the build up often and have only bought a large diamond package again, more likely to follow. But if so rare diamonds in the rounds of the destroyed tanks is very frustrating. Perhaps you can look what is going on, and I'm currently running with patterns and decor, as the rewards / diamond drops might be slightly higher. Since you have made the bots very strong, the game is no longer so much fun, as it is very hard to make points, which in combination with fewer diamonds drops, it brakes the playing fun very much.

For a feedback I would be grateful.


Maybe you make an offer for diamond purchases, elite etc. I would definitely use the offer and many would thank you. Also about the elite points should you think, I find that much too expensive to reach elite 10.I am currently Elite 8. I also play Battle Copter, also because you should consider, since 26.99 € for 30 days VIP are very expensive compared to 6.99 € for Iron Force. Please consider the following, I play not only Iron Force, but 4 games only from EA, if I spend everywhere 26.99 € in the month it becomes simply too expensive. But just always playing a single game is simply boring.


Many Kind regards to the EA Team

Who Me Too'd this topic