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Madden 18 Roster Issues
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So I am playing franchise mode and signed a bunch of rookie free agents to my team along with other free agents. It was preseason. I cut the necessary players to get my roster back down to the needed 53. At the conclusion of the preseason and start of regular season my roster size according to the game stated I had 75 players and needed to cut 22. I began looking through my roster and I actually only had 49 players on the team. Assuming it was just a roster glitch I advanced the week and the system slashed all but 27 players on my roster. I am now into week 1 and any time I sign a player the system immediately tells me that I have to cut however many players I have to sign. As a result I can only have the 27 players on my roster. It will not allow me to sign any more players without having to immediately cut them again.
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