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No (6200) Coins maintain div 1 FUT singleplayer seasons
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Product: FIFA 18
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
What is your gamertag/PSN ID? Timmyboy571
Which mode has this happened in? FIFA Ultimate Team
Which part of the mode? FUT Single Player Season
Can you tell us the date (MM/DD/YYYY) that you saw the bug? 09-27-2017
What time did you see the bug? (HH:MM AM/PM) 11:48
What is your time zone? ECT - GMT + 1:00
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Play division 1 singleplayer divisions and get 15 points for maintain.
What happens when the bug occurs? You don't get the 6200 coins for maintain in division 1 singleplayer divisions.
What should be happening instead? You don't get anything


It's on every div 1 tournament for div 1 maintain.

Who Me Too'd this topic