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Sims 4 Serial code issue!!
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Hey Everyone,


I would ask for your help or advice about my Sims 4 Serial Code because a few weeks ago I had troubles with my password that is needed to log in to my computer. So we took my computer to a technician who had to restart my whole computer and my Sims 4 game, files, packs (basically everything)  was lost in the process . When I got my computer back  I downloaded origin back and I could log into my account in my game library my Sims 4 game was missing, I tried to download it back on my computer with my Sims 4 disc  but when it asked for my serial code for the, Sims it says "This code has already been used". How can I get my game back without having to pay for every pack all over again?!


Thank you for your support EA.


Who Me Too'd this topic